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  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Parent Educator
  • Registered Nurse and has an Advanced Diploma in Social Welfare
  • Wellness Coach having completed her training through Wellness Coaching Australia. She has a Certificate in Stress Management and a Certificate in Food Psychology.
  • Massage Therapist- specialising in Relaxation Massage, Hot/Cold Stone massage therapy

‘Working as a nurse I, more often than not, see the end result of poor lifestyle choices. I want to encourage a positive and healthy choice of lifestyle in order to prevent and help combat illness whether it be physical, mental or emotional’.

Angie’s diagnosis of breast cancer in 2008 prompted her to reassess her lifestyle habits. With no family history of the disease, she concluded that her reaction to stress, and in turn, her poor eating habits contributed to her susceptibility to the cancer. Angie started her journey of wellness and the desire to make others aware of this connection. The inclusion of relaxation massage and hot/cold stone massage adds a further dimension in coping with stress.

She has a great desire to share her experience in  infant massage. Please see our ‘Infant Massage’ page for more details.



  • Massage Therapist – Cert 4 in Massage, Advanced Certificates 1 & 2 in Deep Tissue Massage, Certificate in Pregnancy Massage.
  • Holistic Registered Nutritionist. Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, Certificate in Sports Nutrition and a Certificate in Nutritional Psychology.

Rebecca believes in treating her clients individually and passing onto them her ‘wealth of health’.

‘Eating good, nutritious food makes you feel as well as look your best. Your eyes shine, your skin glows, your brain and organs function the way they are supposed to. Eating healthy is my way of life and I want to share it with everyone’.

Rebecca has personally experienced weight loss, increased energy, better sleeping habits, improved hormonal health and clearer skin. She can help clients with an understanding and knowledge of how they can also achieve these things and much more.

Having been trained in relaxation and deep tissue massage therapy she is able to give her clients a different approach to health by relaxing their minds and bodies on a different level. The combination of massage and nutrition gives a fantastic holistic approach to a persons health and wellbeing.