As we approach the holiday period, we can find ourselves getting overwhelmed with the lead up to this busy time. Shopping, Christmas parties and work functions are in abundance. On top of that we need to face other issues like family matters, school functions for the children. Before you know it our head is in a whirlwind and we are already dreading ‘this time of the year ‘ and this time of the year has just begun.

Sounds familiar?

So how do we overcome the vortex of hectic-ness?

To start with, we need to look at our mental approach. If we have a negative view of what this time of year means, then we are definitely setting ourselves up for a hard time ahead. For example, there could be several factors influencing our perception of Christmas. Negative experiences could have happened in the past…. the death of a loved one, a break up in a relationship or losing a job to name a few. Even though we can’t change these events, identifying them and their effect on how we handle events in this season, can help us take a step back and reassess our approach. Awareness and understanding is power!

We also need to plan our time to work for us. Strategies and goal setting can ease the pressure. We need to set realistic goals so realistic expectations of what we can achieve in one day is essential. Planning to buy presents for 20 people in one day would be unrealistic and disheartening when you don’t achieve that goal. Pace yourself…..start planning early. I know that sounds hard for someone who is used to last minute pressure. But take your mind back to how that last minute shopping frenzy made you feel stressed and exhausted. That could give you the incentive you need to change your approach.

The holiday season can be a rewarding and peaceful time. It’s a chance to catch up with those people we don’t see often and spending quality time with those we see every day. Plan your days so you can get the most effective result that suits you.

Happy Christmas and have a great new year!