Cellulite…What’s Happening in our Lives to Promote it?

Cellulite is that ‘orange peel’ affect on our skin that we see mostly on our legs, hips, abdomen and buttocks in women and the abdomen in men. It is the result of the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which comprise the connective tissue, and the breakdown of adipose tissue…the fat layer in our bodies. This causes the fat tissue to bulge thus that the dimpled appearance we see. These areas in our bodies are easy access for cellulite to settle and ‘make its home’.

Toxins in our body are a huge factor in this process. The toxins stimulate free radicals which slow down the drainage process of our lymphatic system and contributes to the breakdown of the collagen and elastin.

So what causes this harmful process to occur? What causes the toxic build up?

The occurrence of cellulite is known to be influenced by genetic factors as well as anatomy and hormones. Hormone changes include puberty, pregnancy, PMS and menopause. Knowing this, we need to be doing what we can to minimize the affects of these influences. This would include looking at lifestyle and seeing what we can change .

Stress can contribute to cellulite and weight gain. The release of cortisol when under stress has been linked with increased weight. Stage 1 stress is healthy and is a normal response to most situations in our lives. But when stage 2 or 3 stress occurs, the demands on our adrenal glands release excess cortisol with results of weight gain as well as other consequences. We plan to write about this further at a later stage.

Other factors to consider when trying to reduce cellulite are:

  • The amount of exercise we are engaging in. Too little aids in loss of skin tone.
  • Reviewing our diet and looking at what we are consuming
  • The amount of water we consume in the day. Too little will excaserbate cellulite
  • Looking at keeping the consumption of coffee and alcohol to a minimum. Both are dehydrating and toxic.
  • Cutting out smoking as this increases toxicity in the body and slows down our circulation
  • Looking at ways to stimulate our circulatory and lymphatic systems as this will facilitate the reduction of toxins and thus cellulite. Ionithermie is great for this!