Detoxifying the Mind….from Angie’s desk

Detoxifying our mind is just as important as detoxifying our bodies as we are holistic beings…mind, body, spirit. Science has shown that the mind can control functions of our body…. or as the saying goes…mind over matter.

“75%-98% of physical, emotional and behavourial problems/illnnesses are due to toxic thinking and negative choices”….Dr. Caroline Leaf, neuroscientist. So it makes sense that if we are planning on detoxing our body, that we should be also looking at detoxing negative thinking. Metaphysical teachers believe that even cellulite is caused by the build up of toxic emotions and thought patterns. We think with every cell in our body, not just our ‘minds.’ Over time our thoughts create patterns that become stored in our cellular memory. When we continuously believe harmful and negative things about ourselves, we store those toxic thoughts in each cell creating ‘patterns’in our bodies that we can see, eg. cellulite

Stress and negative thinking can cause weight gain and cellulite building up.. One reason for this is the release of cortisol when we are under stress. Most of us have heard of people who have been on cortisone and the struggles they have with controlling their weight.

So what happens in  the process of detoxing our mind…. Caroline Leaf describes this as follows:

  1. Our thoughts are so powerful that they change our DNA…making new proteins.  So our thoughts will determine whether we will make positive or negative choices
  2. Our ability to think healthy thoughts becomes more disciplined and active. This increases our intelligence and health
  3. Our basal forebrain releases acetylcholine which is an important neurotransmitter that helps build healthy thoughts while we are tearing down the toxic thoughts.
  4. When we think about a particular thought, it moves from the non conscience mind to the conscience mind

We are designed to change our own brain…we have been designed to look at our mind and make a choice to get rid of toxic thoughts. So if we make a decision ….”I don’t want to live like this anymore”….the positive choice in our life changes the neurones in our brain and the new positive choice wires our brain to align with the choice. A toxic thought, if not dealt with, will just go to the unconscience…where it can do damage and can lead to physical, emotional and behavourial problems.

So we need to soak the mind in positiveness. Picture our mind as a sponge. We actually have  30,000 thoughts going through our mind in one day. Everything that is thrown at us, we absorb through all our senses and we’re not always aware of this. So because all our senses are used, it could be something that we see, hear touch or smell that results in negative thinking. Sometimes a smell of something will remind me of a time in my past….whether it be positive or negative. We need to concentrate on the positveness of our thoughts….capturing the negative and substituting it with positive affirmation. Psychology calls this self efficacy…which is actually a biblical principle.

21 times of doing something differently will help a change in a habit stick. We’ve heard this before and this also applies to habits to do with our way of thinking. I have undertaken a 21 day mind detox formulated by Caroline Leaf based on aligning our mind with biblical principles as God has wired us in his image…love goodness and positiveness. It’s been great!

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