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Infant massage.

Infant massage is about a whole gamut of factors. It’s not just about massage. It’s about communication and relationship between parent and baby and how this can be enhanced by the power of appropriate touch. It’s about the benefits of this relationship to the baby’s and parent’s mental, emotional, psychological and physical health. It’s about giving a baby the best possible start to their life and recognising the importance of this relationship.

Infant massage originated many years ago and has long incorporated aspects of yoga, reflexology and traditional massage. The benefits of this discipline are numerous . There has been significant scientific research to show how advantageous infant massage is to babies in their infancy and in years to come. Some of these benefits include

  • stimulating an immature digestive system that exists in a newborn
  • improving the functioning of an immature nervous system in the newborn
  • stimulates an immature immune system
  • help establish the attachment and bond between parent and child
  • promotes the idea of healthy touch in the growing child
  • can improve sleep in the infant
  • promotes the secretion of the ‘feel good’ hormones and reduces the production of stress hormones in both the parent and child
  • parents gain better understanding of their baby’s behavioural cues
  • establishes a lifetime of advantages for optimum health


How is the massage delivered?

As an instructor and a parent educator,  Angie demonstrates and facilitates the massage process as well as leading a time of relaxation for parent and baby. She actually doesn’t perform the massage herself. This is because research has shown that the bonding process between parent and child is optimised by the parent doing the massage.

Angie runs both group and one on one sessions at either her business in South Coogee or mobile business which is able to come to you.

The groups are involved in a 4 week program, meeting 5 times,  called the ‘First Touch’ initiated by ‘Baby in Mind’.  The program is relationship and cue based so to promote the communication and attachment between parent and baby.

Baby In Mind is an organisation whose courses are government accredited and they have been affiliated with the International Association of Infant Massage. Each weekly group runs for one to one half hours. Each session involves the following:

  • demonstration of a massage stroke in a peaceful, relaxing environment
  • a teaching component related to the baby’s development
  • group discussion geared toward the parent and the baby’s needs
  • morning tea

The length of 4 weeks (meeting 5 times)  is desirable in order to learn all that is needed to help the parent reach a level of confidence in relating and discovering their baby’s needs.

Angie uses her knowledge as a Registered Nurse, her experience as a Wellness Coach and her passion for relating the benefits of infant massage to facilitate a stimulating and caring gathering.

The private sessions run for 2 hours a week for 2 weeks or 1 hour once a week for 5 sessions. The massage is demonstrated in an optimum environment and discussion and teaching is related to the needs of both parent and baby and has the advantage of one on one communication.

Every parent and baby receive a free high grade baby oil and access to Angie’s infant massage facebook group. This group, along with continued email and SMS contact, assures ongoing communication and support.

Are you considering being involved in group? Or maybe you are a part of a local mother’s group who may be interested in finding out more information? Angie is more than happy to meet up with you and talk in more detail about what is involved.

Please see our Services and Costs page for prices of the sessions.