Media hype that surrounds the natural health industry

Lately, in the media, there has been a lot of hysteria over controversial issues concerning the natural health industry.

Having a regular segment on 2GB radio for the summer, it has been very evident and quite confronting to see what people know about our industry, how it’s portrayed by the media and the fallacies that are out there.

From one week to the next there is an article, study or clinical trial done that reflects a bad light upon natural health and its benefits. It can cause unnecessary concern and makes natural health practitioners (such as myself) frustrated to know we are being put down for what we do.

Media is out there to shock you. They need to make stories that will sell. A lot of the time the full story hasn’t been given or we don’t know the other factors involved. E.g. who are they doing these trials on and who are funding them?

What I encourage everyone to do is firstly, don’t panic when you see an article that may cause you concern. Do your research by reading the actual trial or study that has been done. Do not base your belief around opinion blogs! Secondly, seek professional advice! Ask someone who you know and trust in the industry as we have access to journals which contain correct information. Take the media with a grain of salt and don’t believe everything you hear or read.

The more support we as natural health practitioners have from the public the more the benefits of our professions will flourish.

In good health,