Tips for staying alert throughout the day:

  • Keep hydrated- 2-3 L of water per day is the average intake people should aim for. It also depends what exercise you do and if you sweat a lot.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours- Having smaller frequent meals will curb hunger and cravings. It’s also easier to digest smaller amounts of food and in turn will prevent digestive complaints.
  • Have a protein source at every meal- This will help to curb sugar cravings and keep you fuller for longer. Foods to include: nuts (small handful) example: almonds, brazil, walnuts etc, yoghurt, protein balls, raw nut bars, tuna, chicken, eggs, legumes.
  • Try to it eat ‘low G.I’ (Glycaemic Index) foods. These foods keep you fuller for longer and keep blood levels sustained throughout the day. Some foods to include: Wholegrain, wholemeal breads and cereals, oats, nuts, hummus, brown rice, cherries, apples, pears, broccoli, peas, carrots.
  • Steer clear of packaged, processed foods. Always opt for fresh foods. They revitalise, energize and keep your digestive system healthy. Packaged foods such as chips, crisps, candy etc have trans fats, added sugars, can be GM, harmful additives and preservatives to name a few. These kinds of ingredients wreak havoc on our bodies.