Benefits of Relaxation Massage… there are more than you might realise!

Rebecca and I recently undertook a Whole Body Massage Course specialising in Relaxation Massage

I believe at one time, massage used to be looked upon as a luxury….something that you’d do once in a while because you were feeling a little tense and a bit of pampering would be nice. Or maybe you would have a special occasion like your birthday coming up and hint that a massage would be a nice present.   Sounds familiar?? Believe me when I say…that’s how I used to perceive massage even up until recent times! It really wasn’t until I was having problems with inflammation in my shoulder and I followed Rebecca’s advice and started having regular massage sessions that I really experienced the benefits. Not only did my masseur help fix my shoulder, other areas that needed attention in my body were addressed and improved.

We really don’t realize the stress we carry in our bodies. And that’s not only in the muscles and tendons. Other areas such as our stomachs can be affected by stress in our lives. It has been said that the stomach is a place where unforgiveness, grief and anger are held. Some people have been known to cry when having this area massaged because of the release of these feelings. Unbelievable as this might sound; it might explain why we have ‘butterflies’ in our stomach when we’re nervous or stressed.

The idea of relaxation massage is to help alleviate tension and stress in our bodies. This includes our mind and emotions as well. We warm up the muscles, then stroke in a manner to relax the muscle/tendon in order to free its tightness. We work on certain areas to help eliminate knots. Performing this procedure to most parts enhances a feeling of relief…physically, mentally and emotionally.The circulation is boosted so this encourages oxygen to be pumped more efficiently. The increase in oxygen to the body as a whole promotes wellness. A simple but very effective way to encourage healing in more ways than one!

So in a nutshell, the benefits of relaxation massage are:

  • A reduction in stress, anxiety and tension
  • A calming of the nervous system
  • A relief of muscle cramps and spasms
  • A promotion of a sense of wellbeing and relaxation
  • A reduction of blood pressure
  • A prevention of injuries and stress related problems
  • An increase in flexibility and a restoration of lost mobility
  • An increase in one’s immunity
  • A stimulation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, in turn carrying away the body’s waste products
  • An assistance in pain management, eg. with arthritis and sciatica
  • An improvement in one’s outlook. That negative situation is looked upon in a different perspective when we are more relaxed.

How often should you have a massage? It really depends on where your body and lifestyle is at. To really benefit from the results of the massage it would be advisable not to leave times between massages for too long so not to have your body return to pre massage state. A period of one to two months between sessions is ideal.

We need to prioritise our health in order to be an effective benefit for those around us. This is what I came to realize. Massage has become a part of my lifestyle to maintain all round health…mind and body!

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Yours in wellness,